So, you've paid $10 for your unlimited fall fun bracelet...

What does that get you?
Well... besides entrance, hay rides and corn maze adventures?!

Even more free ATTRACTIONS!


Pumpkin Shack

Did you know there are 41 varieties of pumpkins? Shadow Creek LOVES pumpkins, and our Pumpkin Shack is the perfect place to show them off! You will find pumpkins all over our farm, but when you're ready to purchase...this is where you come! From tiny to huge, we have everything you're looking for. A Jack to carve or decorative pumpkins for your front porch or table, you'll find plenty to love in the shack!

Jump Pad

Our Gigantic Jump Pad is the first of its kind in the United States, and you'll have to see it to believe it! 2100 square feet for kids to jump into can you go wrong?!?

Party Barn

There's a new Party Barn to house our reserved birthday parties and special celebrations! Reserve your spot today at


For Fall 2019, local Midlothian High School FFA Members will be manning our children's Barnyard area and teaching our customers about our farm animals, including pygmy goats, pigs, alpacas and chicks!

Hay Hill Slides

Who doesn't love a good, long slide down the bank of the pond? Add hay, burlap bags and lots of laugh and you'll be right at home on our hay hill slide!

Tractor Pedal Carts

Take a ride on the farm side and ride around an encircled hay area! Children 5 and under are welcome to climb aboard these small tractors and pedal to their hearts content!

Murray circle & vintage farm equipment

Thanks to the Murray Family in Mt Peak, we have some of the most amazing vintage farm equipment pieces around. More than 10 tractors, road graders and other unique farm pieces are scattered around the park for you to climb on, learn about and enjoy.

large variety of photo opportunities

There are too many casual photo opportunities to count! Snap pics of your babies in the pumpkin patch, aboard a tractor, beside the cedar rail fence and on bales of hay. Everywhere you turn, there's a chance for a new memory to be made! If you'd like a professional photgrapher to take your pics, be sure to check out our Photography Etiquette!

pumpkin tic-tac-toe

The only thing that makes this game any better is when you use different colored pumpkins to out-wit your competition. Relax on hay bales and make your move in our gaming area!

Lawn dominos

If you think a game of chicken foot gets lively at the small, round dining room table...try playing a round at Shadow Creek with our lawn-sized domino set! Spread out as you take over the game in our gaming area!

Chalk Tractor

Ever wanted to just leave your mark? We are starting a new tradition at Shadow Creek in Fall 2019 by introducing our first chalk tractor! Guests will have buckets of chalk to choose from to draw, write and express their love for fall! Our plan is to add a new pieve each year...what will you draw this year?

washers, & corn hole

Can you toss with the best of them? We have several games for you to try and dominate the field!

pumpkin bowling

"What can't you do with a pumpkin?"is how this game got started! Use one of our bowling lanes and bowl with pie pumpkins to knock down the pins! Find this game near our tractor see-saws :)

farm hoppers

Who doesn't love farm animals? Know what makes them even better? A version young children, ages 4 and under, can sit and bounce on!

tree swings

There are 30 tree swings hung throughout the park...can you find them all?

10 acres of farm & pond views

Enjoy the crisp fall air in the country, while making memories with the whole family.

picnic tables galore

NEW for Fall 2019, families are welcome to bring in food and drink for a picnic at Shadow Creek! Enjoy your meal at one of our 50 German picnic tables, spread a quilt under a tree, or grab a snack from one of our vendors...doesn't everything taste better outside?!

Photography by  Brittney Burnett

Photography by Brittney Burnett

Photography by  Brittney Burnett

Photography by Brittney Burnett

Photography by  Brittney Burnett

Photography by Brittney Burnett

Photography by  Brittney Burnett

Photography by Brittney Burnett

Photography by  Brittney Burnett

Photography by Brittney Burnett

Photography by  Brittney Burnett

Photography by Brittney Burnett

10 acres of creekside

shade, shade, shade!