the shadow creek Team

Welcome to the Shadow Creek Family!


The Nunes and Knott Families

We are excited to have you join us in our mission to bless our community, encourage family time and nurture a love of all things outdoors and agriculture! In order to serve our guests well, our mission is simple and we maintain high standards. To be a part of the Shadow Creek Team, you will need to demonstrate compassion, love, dedication and an eye for details. Each person to come through our gates is a guest of our family, and as a team member, it will fall on you to treat each guest in that manner. We look forward to this coming fall and feel blessed to have you along for the journey!

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  • Each employee needs to complete the following:

    • Read Employee Handbook

    • Read Point of Sale Training

    • Review Creek Crew Work Stations

  • FIRST DAY of season is SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 2019!

    • Remember to be EARLY to each shift

    • Remember to be respectful, caring and professional