We want everyone's experience to be pleasant and equitable and ask that all customers taking photographs observe the following etiquette while at
Shadow Creek Pumpkin Farm:

  • Photography is permitted at Shadow Creek Pumpkin Farm with the purchase of a MEDIA PASS

  • MEDIA PASS costs are all donated to Shadow Creek Pumpkin FArm’s “First Fruit” Initiative to give back to our community

    • PRIVATE DAY MEDIA PASSES may be split among multiple clients in a 90 minute period

      • $250

      • Year-round

      • Immediately after closing during REGULAR OPERATING DAYS

      • 90 minute session

      • May include multiple clients within the 90 minute session


      • 2019 Operating Season - September 28-October 27

        • Saturdays, 10am-6pm

        • Sunday, 1pm-6pm

        • No early or late admittance without the purchase of a PRIVATE DAY MEDIA PASS for $250

  • Photography equipment NOT ALLOWED except on PRIVATE DAY MEDIA PASSES:

    • Tripods

    • Extra flashes

    • Shading Materials

    • Professional photography equipment

  • Respect the experience of other guests and do not use any area for long amounts of time.

  • Please come dressed for your photos, as the only restrooms available are portable restrooms.

  • Dress for the farm...we reserve the right to refuse entrance to Shadow Creek Pumpkin Farm due to inappropriate attire.

  • Enjoy our beautiful areas, but do not block access to or on any path or walkway.

  • Shadow Creek Pumpkin Farm does not allow drones on our property under any circumstances.

  • We love little ones, but children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.